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Did you know that donating doesn’t have to cost you anything at all? 

Simply register with ‘Amazon Smile’ and every time you shop online from selected retailers they’ll make a donation to Scotservs – at NO COST to you.  You can make a BIG difference to our life-saving charity, just by shopping online. Please register today at Amazon Smile -


Total Giving

Our preferred online donation platform.

Since enrolling we have had over £50,000 of donations ! You can also include Gift-Aid in your donation. Donating with Gift Aid means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give & It wont cost you any extra

8007bc_8675fcc0fc1a4cbf8abacb23e929ede6~ is our newest fundraising platform.

"In terms of maxing your cash, you can't beat It doesn't charge any service or processing fees to the charities, meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to doing good." -

Business can also become involved in fundraising for Scotservs, for more information and ideas Call us on 0141 201 0571 or email to discuss your ideas. 



We pride our self on our professional volunteers. Each Volunteer needs around £90 of uniform, could you donate towards a volunteers uniform ?


scotserv radio


Each volunteer requires a communications radio to keep in contact with base. Could you help with its costs ?


scotservs bike

Tank of Fuel

On average each shift a response bike will use a full tank of fuel. Could you help support a shift?


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