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Volunteer Driver Inverclyde

Primary Scotservs is a motorcycle service, however in early 2023 in partnership with Inverclyde Royal Hospital we will be providing a not for profit Urgent and Emergency transport service primarily for surgical theatres. We're on the lookout for new volunteer drivers to help deliver this service.

Why do the hospital need drivers?


Scotservs are Scotland's only Volunteer Emergency Medical Transport Charity. Since 2011 we've been delivering Specialist Medical Logistics Services to NHS Scotland around the clock, 365 days a year. We are able to operate all year round regardless of adverse weather conditions by utilising a range of specialist vehicles; from our Emergency Response Motorcycles & Rapid Response cars through to our various 4X4 support for a true all weather capability .

​The most rewarding aspect of ScotsERVS is through our efforts, we are able to support our NHS colleagues to make a real difference to the lives and care of our all-important patient beneficiaries - our services support empowers our NHS colleagues the means to reinvest funds currently utilised in urgent transport (otherwise paid to expensive couriers or taxis) back into areas where it is needed most; frontline services and patient care.

​As a Voluntary Professional Service and proud representatives of the third sector, our service costs are funded entirely by generous private and public donations and philanthropic grant funding.

Our volunteers are on Scotland's roads 365 days a year, on average we respond to around 3000 call-outs a year, covering around 1000 miles a month, that said every day is different, sometimes call-outs can be only a few miles, sometimes its a few hundred miles.

Upscalling the project

We've never turned a hospital or unit away, however as the number of requests in in the inverclyde area increase, we are now seeking out like minded driver volunteers based in the local area. A new fleet car will be purchased and based at IRH instead of our HQ at QEUH.

With your help we can make a real difference to patients in the Inverclyde area. since 2015 we've been working along side Surgical theatres at QEUH/SGH & been able to help make changes and influence patient care, we aim to replicate this in the Inverclyde area.


Training & Requirement's 

Karoq ambulance
  • Ideally the right candid will already be an experienced driver that's held a uk driving licence for more than 2 years.

  • You must have no more than 3 points on your licence​

  • Be over 21 but no older than 70 years of age - unfortunately this is an insurance requirement.

  • Advanced training is preferable, it is not a barrier to entry.​ For more information on advanced training please see your local IAM or ROSPA Group

  • Live in Inverclyde or near to the area.

  • We will supply on job training and familiarisation, Uniform, Suitable Vehicle as well as fuel and Insurance.

  • As a charity and to be able to supply these items, we require volunteers help out with fund-raising activitys. 

Volunteer with Us
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Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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