Our Committee will review all application forms received, and invite suitable candidates to a selection day.  This will be an Interview & exercise with senior members of the team, candidates will be judged on a variety of criteria.


If accepted, individuals will be invited to begin their training soon afterwards. During the next 6 months their performance as a group member, their level of commitment and skills are continually assessed. 


For prospective trainees it is vital that the level of commitment to the Team is stressed at the outset and fully understood Volunteering is a significant undertaking and it will eat into days that would normally be spent relaxing, or with your family.


Over the period of a year the Team meets for over forty different events (training, fund raising ect) this does not include "Jobs" or Duty days, in practice, it means that most weeks will involve some kind of Team related event.


At the end of their probationary period, the Committee will consider the suitability of the trainee and their performance through the period. If successful they will be invited to become a Full Team Member.


For practical reasons (cost and time spent training) we are looking for individuals are settled in Glasgow or surrounding region and demonstrate a long term commitment to Scotservs.

Volunteer Requirements - All Volunteers start in our control room to gain experience prior to being able to start on road.

Riding & Driving,

  • Age 25 & over

  • Held Full unrestricted licence for 2 years

  • A Positive outlook & willingness to give back to the community

  • Be able to commit to a minimum of 12 Hours per month 

  • Advanced training is preferred but not essential - Please see bellow for links to training groups in your area.

  • Applicants with Previous experience in a similar role such as Police, Ambulance or Fire service will be given priority for any vacancies on the team. 

IAM Glasgow North - http://www.iamglasgow.org/

IAM Glasgow Southhttp://www.iam-gs.org.uk/

Rospa East Kilbridehttp://www.eastkilbrideroadar.co.uk/

Rospa East Renfrewshire - http://www.er-roada.btck.co.uk/

Rospa Ayrshire - https://aamrg.co.uk/

I've read the above,

Whats it like ? How do I apply ?


After completion of induction training, which is usually completed over two days, new volunteers will be assigned a Training Officer (TO) 


Your TO will be your mentor out on the road until both of you are happy that your able to go solo.


Probationer training will take approximately 80/100 hours to complete.

Training is delivered in a modular format with ongoing assessment throughout. 

A large part of this training will come in the form of on road training.


Training is split over 3 modules.

• Module 1 Initial Induction Training 

• Module 2 On road Training with Training officer

• Module 3 Operational Phase - reviewed after maximum of 6 months 


There are also Online Distance Learning (ODL) packages to be completed by candidates during the operational phase of their training and this is designed to help maintain and to enhance the individual knowledge base.


Initial basic training is completed over a two day (usually a weekend) period with further on going on road assessments over the next few months.


All probationers start on a Monday to Friday fixed day shift pattern.

Shifts last 10 hours from 8am to 6pm and are selectable to suit your level of commitment.


Please note it is not possible to undertake training at night nor weekends, so to apply you must be available during the working week, this is to tie in with our NHS Partners availability to deliver your training.


We are a busy service taking around 400 calls each month. You will not be on call from home, there isn’t time! As mentioned before all shifts start at our Ops center on the QEUH Campus in Glasgow.


For insurance purposes you your MUST have held a full unrestricted license for a minimum of 2 years and have experience riding. Upon applying to join you will be expected to undertake an internal riding/driving assessment.


Advance training such as IAM or ROSPA is highly recommend as this is what the above assessment is based upon.