About Scotservs

Scotservs are Scotland's only Volunteer Emergency Medical Transport Charity. Since 2011 we've been delivering Specialist Medical Logistics Services to NHS Scotland around the clock, 365 days a year. We are able to operate all year round regardless of adverse weather conditions by utilising a range of specialist vehicles; from our Emergency Response Motorcycles & Rapid Response cars through to our various 4X4 support for a true all weather capability .

​The most rewarding aspect of ScotsERVS is through our efforts, we are able to support our NHS colleagues to make a real difference to the lives and care of our all-important patient beneficiaries - our services support empowers our NHS colleagues the means to reinvest funds currently utilised in urgent transport (otherwise paid to expensive couriers or taxis) back into areas where it is needed most; frontline services and patient care.

​As a Voluntary Professional Service and proud representatives of the third sector, our service costs are funded entirely by generous private and public donations and philanthropic grant funding.

Our volunteers are on Scotland's roads 365 days a year, on average we respond to around 3000 call-outs a year, covering around 1000 miles a month, that said every day is different, sometimes call-outs can be only a few miles, sometimes its a few hundred miles.

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of things do you transport ?

Every call is unique and requires a different level of response.

Our main day to day items are items such as –

Samples & Specimens

Tissue Samples

Medical Devices

Theatre Equipment

Case Records


Specialist Neonatal equipment

Medical Teams

And much more,

How do i volunteer?

First off, you must be able to travel to our base in Glasgow, as this is where all shifts start and end.

Depending on what kind of roe you wish to undertake depends on what training you will receive. Drivers and Riders must hold the appropriate licence for that vehicle. Advanced training will be given, but as this can be time consuming we recommend that you undertake IAM or ROSPA training prior to applying to volunteer.

Next Step is Application - Please email our recruitment team HR@Scotservs.org.uk

What times can i volunteer ?

To ensure we always have someone available, we have 3 shifts 7 days a week.

Day Shift – 08:00 to 16:00

Mid – 15:00 to 23:00

Nights – 22:00 to 08:00

This includes holidays such as Christmas day!

Mainly we look for volunteers on Weekdays on our day shift, as this is the time when the NHS needs us the most.

**2020 Update** Due to Covid19 pandemic, we've had to scale back our operations and as such all new volunteers will only be able to volunteer on day shift (8am/6pm)

Do i use my own Car or Bike ?

Short answer NO. a vehicle, fuel and insurance will be provided for you. You wouldnt call 999 and they respond in there own vehcile Durning inital training it may be required for you to use your own bike for operational ressons, but this should be the only time.

How Busy Are You ?

Everyday is different.

Some days are volunteers are so busy that we have to turn away potential calls.

Most shifts a single volunteer will respond to around 8 to 10 call each, with Monday to Friday day shifts being the busiest.

On average we respond to around 300 to 400 call per month.

Where are you based?

From our base at the QEU Hospital in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland.